Ghost Alliance
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Season Season 5
Founder(s) Echo & Funny
Members Remained Loyal

Echo(Episode 10 - Episode 14) Funny(Episode 10 - Episode 14) Affiliated Yomu(Episode 11 - Episode 14)

Enemies Faz


Lowest Placing Member Echo & Funny
Highest Placing Member Echo & Funny


The Ghost Alliance was formed by Echo and Funny when they both returned to the game. It is a Final Two Deal. Shortly after returning into the game, Echo and funny were both approached by serveral other tribe members; however, Echo and Funny wanted to add only Beccy and Sikey into the alliance. During the Final 7 challenge, Funny won the challenge causing his alliance member, Echo, to be in danger at Tribal Council. During the Tribal, Sikey informed Echo that the majority of the tribe was going to vote Faz. Echo and Funny both voted with the majority, causing Faz to be voted out in a 5-1-1. 

During Base Camp, Echo pitched a plan to Funny about possibly blindsiding Huffle so they could recieve the numbers. Echo then went to work trying to convince Yomu to flip and vote out huffle, while Funny tried to convince Sikey. During the Challenge both Funny and Echo got elimated in the middle of the challenge, causing Beccy to win the immunity. At Tribal Council, Echo and Funny both voted Huffle hoping Yomu or Sikey would do the same. When in turned out to be a 3-3 tie, it went to a rock draw... after a huffle drew the redstone he was elimated and Funny and Echo became in control.

During the Final 5 Challenge, Echo, Beccy and Funny had a close race to the finish, but Echo came out on top by winning only by seconds. During Tribal, Echo, Funny and Yomu all  had to decide who should be voted out. They thought Beccy was a physical threat but they thought Sikey was a jury threat. They ulitmately came to the decision to vote off Beccy because she was a both a physical and social threat.