Green Team

Green Team is a team featured in Season 2 and 4 of Minecraft Survivor.

Season 2

Green Team has four contestants on it. They were: HystrixSA , Papius , radiant_oblivion , and therealninjaboy.

Contestants Eliminated
radiant_oblivion (Won Season 2)
therealninjaboy Episode 11
HystrixSA Episode 11
Papius Episode 9

Season 2 Green Team Trivia

  • Papius was switched to team green while radiant_oblivion went to team orange.
  • Without counting Papius every member of this team wasnt eliminated before merge.
  • All Male Contestants were eliminated in Episode 11.

Season 4

Green Team has six contestants on it in season 4. They are: AlcoholicRobot , CjColey2 , Echomaster2 , John_Bro , Papius, and speedwinner1337 .

Contestants Eliminated
CjColey2 Episode 14
Speedwinner1337 (Episode 14) Evacuated
John_Bro Episode 12
AlcoholicRobot Episode 11
Papius (Switched to Blue) Episode 8
EchoMaster2 Episode 7
Challenge Status
Six Legs Won
Challenge 2 Won
Animal Herding Lost
Bridges Won
Challenge 5 Won
Challenge 6 Won

Season 4 Green Team Trivia

  • Papius has been in green team twice.
  • No Male contestants were on this Team.
  • This is the first team to have a player evacuated due to sickness.