Minecraft Survivor: Season 3
Contestants 8
Winner deviouskyle251
Runner-Up AlcoholicRobot

Episodes 16
Started June 27, 2013
Ended Aug 16, 2013

Minecraft Survivor: Season 3 was the first season to feature 8 players instead of seven. The first player wasn't eliminated until episode 5, due to an extremely long Immunity Challenge spanning two whole episodes. This season featured four new players instead of season two's one new player. Isolation Island was no longer featured, instead The Award Wall was featured. The Trading Depot made its first appearance in this season. The two seperate islands had a volcano in the center with a river running down the middle leading up to the volcano. The volcano also happened to be The Council, providing hilarious difficulties for two players in the first council. This season's team colors were Red and Yellow. This season had 16 episodes, along with a livestreamed finale on Twitch.


Ah, yes. The infamous description. Season three's description: Minecraft: Survivor is based off the television show Survivor. In season 1 of Minecraft: Survivor, 7 players competed to be the winner of the game located over the ocean. Season 2 was desert themed, where both teams reside in a single base camp instead of two individual islands and players were sent to Isolation Island.

Season 3 is located at a volcano. Players must fight off enemies during the night and trade their drops at a trading post at the docks for food. The team that dies less gets a hidden immunity item clue and gets to choose a chest from the award wall. The hidden immunity item can be played before a council vote to keep a single player in the game when they would've been voted out from the rest of the players. Who will win Minecraft: Survivor Season 3? Watch to find out!

Elimination Order

Again with the SPOILERS!

Please don't continue if you have not seen the series first.

Name/Episode 1 5 7 9 11 12 14 16
deviouskyle251 Yellow Team Safe Winning Team Winning Team Merged Safe Safe Winner
AlcoholicRobot Red Team Winning Team Safe Safe Merged Immune Immune Runner-up
DMMegsie Red Team Winning Team Safe Safe Merged Safe Safe Eliminated
Papius Yellow Team Tiebreaker Winner Winning Team Winning Team Merged Safe Voted Out
SilverSurge Yellow Team Safe Winning Team Winning Team Merged Voted Out
TriCerberus Red Team Winning Team Safe Voted Out
dcx666 Red Team Winning Team Voted Out
speedwinner1337 Yellow Team Tiebreaker Loser/Voted Out


  • DCX666 was eating fried chicken whilst surviving.
  • This was the first season to have the two finalists start out in different teams.
  • One team found both Hidden Immunity Items.
  • This is only the second season to have someone voted out in Episode 5, the other being Season 1.