Minecraft Survivor: Season 7
Contestants 12
Winner Rawrzaur
Runner-Up Kingston

Episodes 11
Started October 19th 2015
Ended January 4th 2016

Season 7 was announced on the Sunday Night live stream of Season 6, and a trailer for Season 7 was released on October 9th, 2015. The trailer can be found here. The trailer also states that episodes will be airing at 7 PM Eastern Time beginning October 19th.

The trailer depicts floating islands in the sky, which seems to be this season's theme. The Council seems to be in a temple of some sort, hosting fourteen chairs this season, the highest amount of chairs in any Minecraft: Survivor so far. However, the trailer only shows twelve players.

Immediately, kawaiivinny opens up by stating to Brown Team that they must immediately vote someone off. In a near-unanimous vote, Nayr6 is voted, but is instead exempt from the first challenge and gets to stay on the island while the rest of his team competes in the challenge. Aimee then moves on to Green Team, where pikmin1123 is unanimously voted, who is also exempt from the first challenge. Aimee also announces that each team will have to build to the main island in order to compete in challenges.

During Deviouskyle251's interview, he states that "[he] is on Team Brown, but for some reason [he] needs a green skin. Hmm, [he] wonders why?"
















Elimination Table

Episode # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Finale
Kingston Escope Nyar6 Blizzard Immune Chronham ThePerson SGFaz Pikmin TDScott Pikmin
RawrZaur Immune Immune Immune Toast Immune ThePerson TDScott Toast Deviouskyle TDScott
Pikmin1123 Immune Immune Immune Immune Kingston ThePerson SGFaz Toast Deviouskyle TDScott
TDScott8 Immune Immune Immune SGFaz Immune Kingston Pikmin Toast Pikmin Pikmin
Deviouskyle251 Escope Nyar6 Blizzard Immune Chronham ThePerson SGFaz Pikmin TDScott
ToastCrumbley Escope Nyar6 Blizzard SGFAz Immune ThePerson SGFaz Pikmin
SGFaz Immune Immune Immune Toast DNV TDScott
ThePerson016 Immune Immune Immune SGFaz Immune Kingston
Chronham Immune Immune Immune Immune Pikmin
BlizzardScott Escope Nyar6 Toast
Nyar6 DNV Toast
EscopeSmith_MCSG Toast

NOTE: "DNV" = Did Not Vote


  • Individual interviews introducing each player have been brought back, similar to Seasons 5 & 6, but this time they were conducted after the game had technically begun
  • DCX makes his cameo very early this season, appearing fourteen mintues into the first episode