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Any harrasment towards players directly (other than a written review) such as in the comments section of any article or posting an article of any kind with hate towards another player will result in the immediate deletion of whatever that person posted as well as getting them banned from the wikia. We have had this issue already and it was taken care of immediately.

Who was Your Favorite Player of This Season?

Season 4

Timon93 was voted fan favorite, with the runner-ups being Brotherbird50, Speedwinner1337, and Echomaster2.

Season 5

The Fan Favorite of Season 5 is Snover! Huffle is the Runner-Up, Sikey aquired 3rd place, Beccy aquired 4th and Gamer, Dawson and Echo came out in 5th Place.

Season 6

The Fan Favorite of Season 6 is Toast! Dawson and Speedy are the Runner-ups and Timon, Amatsu, Rachel, and AlcholicRobot were 3rd place.

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