Orange Team

Orange Team is featured in only season 2 of Minecraft Survivor.

Season 2

Their were five players on this team. The five are AlcoholicRobot, deviouskyle251, Papius, radiant_oblivion and SilverSurge.

Contestants Eliminated
Papius Episode 9
SilverSurge Episode 7
deviouskyle251 Episode 5
AlcoholicRobot Episode 3

Season 2 Orange Team Trivia

  • So far this is the only team to have been eliminated the contestants one by one without the other team ever going to the elimination excluding radiant_oblivion who was switched.
  • Papius was the only person on this team to make it to the Merge
  • AlcholicRobot won 1st out of 7 last season but this team he lost 7th out of 7.
  • SilverSurge and Papius have been on the same team twice.