Red Team

Red Team was a team featured in season 1 and season 2 of Minecraft Survivor. So far only one player has returned to play on this team: AlcoholicRobot

Season 1

In season 1 their were three players in red team. They were: AlcoholicRobot, HystrixSA, and Nemui89.

Contestants Eliminated
AlcoholicRobot (Won Season 1)
HystrixSA Episode 14
Nemui89 Episode 6

Season 1 Red Team Trivia

  • Coincidently the Red team in season 1 was eliminated in alphabetical order until AlcoholicRobot won.
  • So far this is the first team out of two to have had two of their players make it to the final 2.
  • HystrixSA and AlcoholicRobot are in the top four players as of Season 4.
  • Nemiu89 is the only contestant to have not competed in another season.

Season 3

In this season their were four players on red team. They were: AlcoholicRobot, dcx666, DMMegsie, and TriCerberus.

Contestants Eliminated
AlcoholicRobot Episode 16
DMMMegsie Episode 16
TriCerberus Episode 9
dcx666 Episode 7

Season 3 Red Team Trivia

  • During merge only two of five players were on red team. The two were: AlcoholicRobot and DMMegsie
  • AlcoholicRobot is the only returning player on the Season 3 Red Team
  • AlcoholicRobot has been in the final 2 every time he's on team red.
  • dcx666 and TriCerberus never competed in a season after this.