Contestant Profile
Nick Names' Timon, Tim Tim, Tim, Yolomiester

Season 4

Tribe(s) Team Blue
Placement 2/12
Alliance(s) Season 4-Team Blue Alliance
Challenge(s) Won 2
Vote(s) Against 1

Season 6

Tribe(s) The Fans
Placement 5/12
Alliance(s) TBA
Challenge(s) Won 1
Vote(s) Against 3

Timon93 or Timon is a contestant who made his debut in Season 4 of Minecraft Survivor. In Season 4 he was placed in Blue Team and is currently competing.

Season 4

In Episode 1 he worked well with his team. During Tribal Council the team discussed the challenge with kawaiivinny. He had a group hug with everyone except for UGAdawgs222. He voted for brotherbird50. He watched SilverSurge walk the walk of shame as he left. Two people (SilverSurge and Megsie) suspected him of having the Hidden Immunity Item. In Episode 6 he admitted to kawaiivinny that he did in fact have the immunity idol. During Episode 7 he was relaxed due to the fact that it was the first time they hadn't lost that time. When the Base Camp challenge happened he made an exact model of the formation of the wool inside the chest. When it was supposed to be a chicken head. Desperately, he made an actual painting to try and get the emerald. At the challenge just like the rest of his team they all chose to have Papius come to their team. In Episode 8 he played the Immunity Idol for UGADawgs222, sending Papius home. In Episode 9 he dominated over CjColey2 in the Memory Challenge.

Season 6

At the beginning of Minecraft: Survivor Season 6 Timon93 returned as a member of The Favorites tribe.

Toast's Voting History
Tribal Council Timon's
Voted Against
1 The Favorites Immune
2 The Favorites Immune
3 Dawson -
4 Dawson -
5 The Favorites Immune
6 The Favorites Immune
7 The Favorites Immune
8 The Favorites Immune
9 Dawson -
10 Amatsu Amatsu, Toast
11 Amatsu Amatsu, Toast, Dawson
Voted off, 5/12


Friends & Enemies

Friends Enemies
Brotherbird50 DMMegsie
Speedwinner1337 Papius

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