Yellow Team

Yellow Team is a team in Minecraft Survivor season 3 and season 5. 

Season 3

In season 3 their were only four players on this team. They players were: deviouskyle251, Papius, SilverSurge and speedwinner1337.

Contestant Eliminated
deviouskyle251 (Won Season 3)
Papius Episode 14
SilverSurge Episode 12
speedwinner1337 Episode 5

Season 3 Yellow Team Trivia

  • Coincidently this team was eliminated in reversed alphabetical order.
  • speedwinner1337 was the only one eliminated before merge.
  • When the teams were merged SilverSurge and Papius were eliminated one after the other.
  • speedwinner1337 was the only non-returnee at the time to be on this team.
  • If you flipped Papius under SilverSurge the yellow team (except speedwinner1337) were eliminated backwards from season 1.